At least 1 month before the wedding, have a consultation with your bridal makeup & hairstylist of your choice.  Show her pictures of your gowns and hair accessories.  The more the makeup artist knows about the mood of the wedding, the better she can create the perfect makeover.

Hair colour looks its best the first two weeks, so have your hair coloured two weeks to a month before the wedding.

Having permanent wave is added advantage for actual wedding day, help a lot in volume and holding the curls.  Go for Korean perm if you prefer natural looking.

Hair that is too fine and over-conditioned (smooth) does not style well, so deep conditioning treatments should not be used within 4 days of the wedding.

Makeup always looks better when apply to smooth and well hydrated skin.  So pre-wedding skin care routine is essential.  Sign up a facial treatments or at least a pre-event facial.  Treat your complexion to some pampering.