Korean look indeed a trend nowadays both in Asia and in western countries.  Started from the young generation loves Korean drama, admiring the handsome hero, the sweet Korean girl look become most wanted, subsequently their  food, clothing, makeup and bridal becomes trend.
 In fact, I personally like the Korean makeup style simply because their natural colour and flawless face suitable for brides in Malaysia.  An ideal look for Asian girl to look sweet and youthful glow during their wedding.
 So, here is some little tips I do to achieve a Korean look for the brides
First, a clean clear face is 1st step to achieve the fresh look.  The night before your actual wedding day, have your normal weekly facial done ie facial scrub, hydrating mask.  This routine will help the foundation formation.
 Primer and technic of foundation applications are important to have a smooth complexion.  Highlight and concealer for enhancing the skin and features. 
 Black and tightlining eyeliner to give a bigger, brighter and youthful eyes.  Neutral eyeshadow colours such as champaigne, pinkish or any light shimmer eyeshadow to highlight the lids.
Koreans have a different way of grooming and styling their brows which is also getting popular these days, we call it Korean eyebrows. The typical Korean eyebrows are bushy and straight.   This eyebrow style gives the innocent, youthful look, perfect for giving definition to the eyes.
Blushes with shades of pink, peach or coral to bring out a natural flushed look.  Not heavy but just enough to bring out a healthy glow.
To have the Korean cute lips, I will use lip tints to have the ”just bitten” lips and on top with  light colour lipsticks.  
 I hope these little tips generally give you some ideas.  To achieve the best results and ideal look for you, sometimes I may go for other lip shape and colours that compliments to your skin and features.