Wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you want it to be perfect.
Here is a simple way to plan your wedding, put into a checklist;
9 months before wedding
  • Determine your budget
  • Determine what type of wedding
  • Determine size of the guests list
  • Find a reception location and make reservation earlier
6 months before wedding
  • Choose your attendants and compile guests list
  • Plan your ceremony
  • Select wedding gown and buy wedding rings
  • Book your photographer and videographer
  • Book Bride makeup artist
4 months before wedding
  • Plan wedding decoration and activities
  • Shop for bridesmaids, flower girls 
  • Select florist
  • Finalize arrangement for the ceremony
  • Make transport arrangement if necessary
3 months before wedding
  • Order wedding cake
  • Plan honeymoon trip
2 months before wedding
  • Finalized plans & dinner arrangements
  • Rehearsal 
  • Guests list check
1 month before wedding
  • Finalized all plans and confirm
  • Facial and hair trim/colour
  • Arrange people to assist for guest registration
  • Fitting of wedding gowns and tuxedo 
  • Brief the photographer of the ceremony and activities
  • Brief the bridal makeup artist your preferred look, show her your gown and accessories
1 week before wedding
  • Reconfirm arrival time of the makeup artist, photographer, videographer and bridesmaids
  • Address and location map are emailed to all
  • Rehearsal for the ceremony
  • Brief bridesmaid things they need to do on your wedding day
  • Prepare wedding toast and speech
  • Go for Manicure and Pedicure
Wedding Day
  • Have hair and makeup done
  • Smile always
  • Enjoy your Wedding Day!